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The last name Ashquenazi Horowitz comes from a distinguished levític family, established in the old Czech city of Horovice, that this located in Bohemia. The etimológica root of I finish Slavic "hora/gora" that means hill or mountain. It says that ancestor of family Horowitz was Yeshaya horseradish tree Moshe Halevi Horowitz ("Isaiah son of Moisés priest of city of Horovice"), which it was member of a levítica family which I emigrate of the city from Horovice to the Prague in century XV, adopted the name of its native village. Subsequent forms of the last name depend on where the members of the family have been based. The Russian variants include Gorwitz, Gurwicz and Gurewitz, whereas the Horowitz variant is associated mainly with Poland. Phinehas Horowitz was born in Poland in 1731. It died in 1805 in Frankfurt-a.m.-Main. A previous reference refers us to a Shabbetai Horowitz, that was born in 1590 and case with the daughter of Abraham Maul of Vienna. Prominent members of the Horowitz family, in lude Samuel Horowitz who was born in Lemberg in 1841 in whose city she was retailer and landowner. He was also president of the Israeli Cultural Society ("Israelitischen Cultusgemeinde") in Lemberg. Samuel Horowitz was ennoblecido by the Austrian emperor in Vienna in 1894 granting to it him the shield of arms that is described down. In recent times but the pianista and Russian-American concertista, Vladimir Horowitz that was born in Kiev in 1904. It received his musical education in the conservatory of Kiev, where study under the trusteeship of Felix Blumenfeld. In 1928 it made his debut in the United States with the Philarmonica Orchestra of N.Y.


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