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Here is a list and a brief abstract of my lecturesa and workshops. They can be customized to fit the specific needs of your group.

All programs are PowerPoint ready, with handouts and a one hour or more timeframe. Other topics may be developed. Lectures can be given in English, Spanish or Hebrew.

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  1. Enhanced Smart Matches and Social Networking Technologies NEW
  2. Mobile Technology for Genealogy NEW
  3. Family Tree Builder 5.0, What's new (Advanced) NEW
  4. Technology and Museums – A Success Story to Retrieve information
  5. Research Genealogical Resources in Israel from your Couch *
  6. How we Share and Preserve Memories on a Digital Era
  7. Face Recognition and Photo Tagging for Genealogy Research
  8. Find relative without searching with MyHeritage Technology
  9. Find relative in one click with MyHeritage Genealogy Super Search Engine *
  10. Planting a Family Tree online with *
  11. Family Tree Builder (Basic / Intermediate) *
  12. Engage Children in Learning by Teaching Family History
  13. How to do the Genealogy Roots School Project
  14. Genealogical Resources in Latin America
  15. Make your database searchable *
  16. Get the Most of your Society’s Website, Marketing and PR Activities
* These lectures can be given also as hands-on workshops.

For additional information or special requests please contact me directly at

Enhanced Smart Matches and Social Networking Technologies

Enhanced SmartMatches boost collaboration between members with the power of better management and community communication: sorting matches by quality; confirm, reject or delete them alone or consolidated, link them to other family sites, generate discussions, enjoy consensus analysis, compare trees or individuals, in a detailed page were facts, sources, relatives and multimedia files will be shown with the ability to merge information into the tree.


Mobile Technology for Genealogy

FamilyConnect, a one click photo sharing iPhone App designed especially for families is ideal for events, with built-in face recognition and automatic photo sharing with family members. Take a photo, run automatic face recognition and get family member as part of the suggested people to share with a simply tap. Bridge the generation gap and enhances as the perfect site for families to share, celebrate and preserve special moments.


Family Tree Builder 5.0, What's new (Advanced)

Family Tree Builder 5.0 includes new unique features to help you control, edit, research and showcase your family tree: chart wizard with new format and designs, DNA markers record, consistency checker to find mistakes in your data, privacy tools for specific facts and people, association of media to sources, multiple addresses, find duplicates, married names for men, and much more.


Technology and Museums – A success story to retrieve information

A successful partnership between MyHeritage -a private, hi-tech genealogy company- and Beit Hatfutsot -a non-profit organization- succeed collecting thousands of names in family trees worldwide. Learn about this success story, procedures, the goals achieved and future plans. This project can be easily duplicated by others.


Research Genealogical Resources in Israel from your Couch

How to access genealogical online resources and databases available in Israel to find relatives. Overcome the barrier of the language with a basic lesson of Hebrew keywords and the translation tools available to help everybody deal with the vast list of places were you can find information of people that were born, lived or died in Israel.


How we share and preserve memories on a digital era

Learn the different options you have and the best way to digitally collect, store, preserve, publish and share your research and material gathered over years, to let young generations enjoy, contribute and continue your work.


Face Recognition and Photo Tagging Technology for Genealogy Research

MyHeritage Face Recognition technology can help you identify and tag people in your photos, discover related people and recover lost family connections. An excellent tool for genealogy research.


Find relative without searching with MyHeritage Technology

Smart Matching technology intelligently connects individuals from millions of trees continuously, while helps genealogists to make discoveries, collaborate and benefit from the work of their peers all over the world. Smart Research, a genealogy innovating technology; research your family tree intelligently in +100 genealogy databases, to help people discover information all over the world.


Find relative in one click with Genealogy Super Search Engine

MyHeritage Research allows users to cover effortlessly, in a single search, +1500 genealogy databases and online repositories at once, which cannot be searched by regular search engines like Google. An advanced tool for online genealogical research.


Planting a Family Tree online with

Introduction to the friendly and free online family tree website Build an online family tree, enter information, navigate across the tree, generate charts and share the information with family members in more than 36 languages.


Family Tree Builder (Basic / Intermediate)

Family Tree Builder, a popular, free software, well suited for genealogy with full support in more than 36 languages. Learn how to create trees, reports, publish and share research over the Internet and the advanced technologies ONLY available in Family Tree Builder.


Engage Children in Learning by Teaching Family History

The “Searching for My Roots” project motivate students to identify themselves with their origins by investigating their family’s history; with dynamic and integrated mini-projects and interesting research activities. This internationally awarded methodology provide an excellent learning experience.


How to do the Genealogy Roots School Project

A guide for teachers, parents and children on the family root project giving them suggestions of activities and presentation, examples of subjects that need to be touched, methodology on how to accomplish all the goals and making the family research a fun and success work.


Genealogical Resources in Latin America

A review of available genealogical resources in Latin America (Jewish or not): institutions, temples, burial societies, cemeteries, citizenship records, immigration and computer databases that can be used online.


Make your database searchable

Create searchable databases for your website with Stephen Morse's “Creating One-Step Search Tools”. This lecture is specially designed for societies or researchers with long lists of names as a result of a specific project, cemetery research or records collections. No previous knowledge of programming is required.


Get the Most of your Society's Website, Marketing and PR Activities

Specially design for genealogical societies interested in publicize their activities, project, newsletters and all the information about them, as well as use the Internet to interact with members and interested people. Learn how to build and optimize your website, how and were to market it to get the best results and the exposure your society deserve.



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