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Here is a list and a brief abstract of workshops I can provide.

Workshop may be customized to fit the specific needs of your group.

All presentations are PowerPoint ready, have an adjustable duration between 1 and 2 hrs.
They can be given in English, Spanish or Hebrew.

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  1. Face Recognition Technology for Genealogy
  2. Smart Matching Technology
  3. MyHeritage Research - Genealogy Super Search Engine
  4. Planting a Family Tree online with
  5. Family Tree Builder
  6. Engage Children in Learning by Teaching Family History
  7. Build a search engine for your database
Click on the name of the workshop to see more information about it

For additional information or special requests please contact me directly at

Face Recognition Technology for Genealogy

Face Recognition technology for genealogy is now publicly available. The same technology used to catch terrorists is now an excellent tool for genealogy research. Learn how this remarkable technology can help identify and tag people in old family photos, discover people related to you and recover lost family connections.


Smart Matching Technology

Smart Matching is a genealogy innovating technology which intelligently connects individuals from millions of family trees continuously, while helping genealogists to make discoveries, collaborate and benefit from the work of their peers all over the world. Learn how it works and how it can benefit your genealogy research.


MyHeritage Research – Genealogy Super Search Engine

MyHeritage Research allows users to cover effortlessly - in a single search - more than 1,500 genealogy databases and online repositories at once, which cannot be searched by regular search engines like Google. An advanced tool for online genealogical research.


Planting a Family Tree online with

This workshop will introduce participants to the friendly and free online family tree editor available on Learn how to create your own family site in more than 34 languages, build an online family tree, enter information, navigate across the tree, generate charts and share the information with family members. Advanced topics covered will include Face Recognition and Smart Matching technologies.


Family Tree Builder

Family Tree Builder is a popular software, well suited for genealogy with full support in more than 29 languages. Lear how to create trees, create reports, publish and share research over the Internet and the advanced technologies available only in Family Tree Builder.


Engage Children in Learning by Teaching Family History

When children study family history there is a lot more learning going on. The “Searching for My Roots” project goal is to motivate students to identify personally with their community and origins by investigating their family’s history. These internationally awarded methodology and strategies provide an excellent learning experience.


Build a search engine for your database

This class is specially designed for genealogical societies or researchers with long lists of names as a result of a specific project, cemetery research, establishments or records collections. Learn how to convert these long lists of names into perfectly searchable databases that people can easily use and enjoy. With Stephen Morse's “Creating One-Step Search Tools” you can create a multiple field searchable form for your database, with soundex or exact spelling, using your own design template or pasting the code into a specific page of your website. No previous knowledge of programming is required.

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